Band "Poseidon" was found in 2011 on the land where, as the legend says, once was Tethys Sea - city Stavropol, Russia. The founder of the band is Alex Glazev(Lion Octavius), who is composer, arranger of the all Poseidon music.Band started its activity in the end of 2011 with release of Single "Portals". Back to that that time, band had more progressive metal elements. In 2012 band started to work on a new record, which turned to another single "Lotuses burning in the fire of hell". In this song music of the group started to become heavier, and from this point you can feel the direction, which band follow now. In September 2013 Poseidon releases EP "III", which has more post-metal and sludge influences, but still there's a lot of clean male vocal, which makes music softer. The distinctive feature of Poseidon's music is atmosphere. Guys useorchestration to create complete visual images in listener's head. Some moments sounds like soundtrack for a film, that's why they call their style "cinematic post-metal".To date, band performed with many great bands, including concert with Amorphis.

Lion Octavius-Guitars,Keys,Back Vox(Composer, Arranger, Mastermind)
Andrew Midenko-Drums
Mike Markin-Bass
Stas Ponarin-Vox

Ex Members:
Antony Evseev-Guitars, Psheno(2015-2016)
Dima Zvorykin-Keys(2011-2013)
Alexander Lukyanov-Bass(2014 infinity tour)